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We Only Commit to What We Can Deliver And, We deliver beyond expectations

The Indian economic liberalisation that initiated in 1991 resulted in an unprecedented pace of growth and by the mid-90s whole industries were being transformed and even created. Logistics was no different as businesses had begun to look for far more from their logistic providers and were willing to pay more for bespoke solutions.

And it is this insight that led to the formation in 1995, of what is today the PACE Group of Companies. Today, over two decades later, the PACE group is amongst India’s most preferred Express Logistics service partners, known for its robust network, long-standing partnerships, and delighted clients.

This is due to our transparent business policies, core values that determine our every action, endeavour to commit only what we can deliver and deliver beyond expectations, benchmarking to international standards, a dedicated & skilled team, knowledge of the proper procedures, ability to create innovative solutions, and most importantly our passion for this space.

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Years Of

Our Vision

To be a Total Logistics provider of choice for any business based in or focused on India, to attract as well as retain top industry talent from across the globe, and to create investment & partnership possibilities & opportunities for all those interested in this industry.

Our Mission

Is to provide solutions and always be in-service to our clients, partners, investors, associates, and employees, by utilizing our expertise, creativity, and insights to generate opportunities where none appear to exist.

Delivering is our DNA!

What Inspires Us at Every Moment


Trust is having confidence in each other's expertise, abilities and character. We earn and reaffirm this trust everyday on every project and in every delivery.


Though some people might believe that quality & excellence mean the same, but we beg to differ. Excellence is always intrinsic.


Dependability is living up to our words and fulfilling our promises. Our customers, employees and communities deserve our respect, honesty and expert abilities.


Delivering happiness; by extending an exceptional service to each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers, partners & employees.


Quality is generally extrinsic. It is driven by external demands and hence implementing best practices in line with industry standards is our policy.

Our Purpose

Empowering all our businesses by delivering their products to their destinations; cost effectively, always within time, every time.

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